Why are lawyers so expensive?

Why are lawyers so expensive?


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There's much talk about reducing legal fees. It's crucial, but let's reflect on why lawyers are pricey.

The cost of being a lawyer

Law degrees, malpractice insurance, and business overhead all contribute to the cost. Some expenses can be reduced, but the public might not grasp what lawyers commit to when signing a retainer.

Lawyers' commitment

When clients sign retainers, lawyers take on their problems. Clients sleep soundly, while lawyers worry and think about their cases constantly.

Sacrifices made for clients

Lawyers go to great lengths for clients, even abandoning expensive cars in floods to attend hearings. They're dedicated, losing sleep to solve clients' legal issues.

Unique value proposition

Comparing lawyers to companies like Apple or Uber doesn't work. Lawyers take on clients' stress and problems, unlike tech companies.

To significantly lower legal fees, we may have to reduce lawyers' obligations to clients, potentially changing what it means for a lawyer to represent someone.